the Muse is In


Writing Practice can take just 5 minutes a day… with the write incentive – quirky prompts and tricks- you’ll be honing your voice, discovering characters, venturing into new vistas of prose, poetry, personal essays, journal writing, or just the enjoyment of writing.

If you’re not disciplining yourself to write.. it helps to be part of a community. Also, these prompts are designed to get you past resistance.

Writing Prompt

one word
two words
a whole sentence
two words
one word


Three lines:

The first line is 5 syllables
Second is 7
Third is 5

Writing Prompt

Write your name vertical down a page and come up with a subject for each of the letters. Pick two or three of the subjects and write haikus about them. Two ways you might try one:


Copy the owl upside down. Turn it right side up.
Consider modifying it and giving it a background with your own designs, colors, and power.

For more creative prompts:

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