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Jill Badonsky Art

I challenged myself to create a different version of an ice cream cone as part of a 20-day creative workout. So far I have 16 cones and relentless craving for ice cream. Next time I think I’ll do celery. What would you choose? 

You can find my ice cream cone work so far here on Facebook and here on Instagram.

Thinking differently is the realm of The Modern Day Muse. Albert. Practice in this area hones our ability to generate ideas, be resourceful, and impress friends and relatives at dinner parties.

0 days was enough of a workout for me. I’m in awe of people who go for 100 days and in the next issue will share with you a few KMCC coaches who went the whole course and more.

Download ice cream cone coloring

Creative prompt: Think differently about scribbling and see how many different versions you can come up with in 3 minutes. Set a timer.

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