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I’m Just Not Creative…Ugh

“I’m just not creative”

“I can’t draw like that.”

“I wish I could write, but I can’t.”

“This isn’t good enough.”

“I’m not good at art.. writing… etc.”

I want everyone to experience the province of creative delight the way I do… yet, I wasn’t always in this place of liberation myself, so… there’s that. Maybe you hear those things too, if so, consider passing this on. The world is a better place when we’re creative.

Most of these insecurities and untruths come from unmet expectations; expectations that are unrealistic, dare I say, to a delusional degree. These are expectations to immediately know how to do something and be good at it. Also included in this array of delusions is expecting that if you’ll get good at something, it will always be easy. 

When we compare ourselves to others, we are also under the influence of delusional thinking. We compare ourselves to the work of people who HAVE put the work in. But comparison is a typical human punishment conspired by our fear-based consciousness. Let’s ascend the consciousness ladder a bit, into the realm of creative practicality where real progress can be made. Here’s an article about Comparison that might help

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