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Dear Mortals in Creative Blocks and Various Sundry Dilemmas,

Take advantage of this magical monthly column. Write in and ask the Muses about any creative endeavor in which you have met with internal or external obstacles. Give it a try. The Muses are awaiting the opportunity to share their wily and wondrous ways with you. It’s what they do.

Simply write in letter form to I will pass your letter on to the Muses’ Brainstorming Chambers.

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Dear Muses,

How do you get the next spark of inspiration when your creativity juices seemingly have been shut off?

—On The Creative Blink

Dear On The Creative Blink,

The Muses unanimously agreed that this question cannot be answered simply. There are many reasons why creative juices shut off so a suggestion that might work for one mortal will be like blowing your nose with a banana peel for another. So here are some suggestions from the few Muses who were not at an art retreat in Tuscany for the summer.

From Muse Song, The Muse of Nurturing, Encouragement and Good Company

Creative juices can be shut off by a recent crisis, depression, stress, addictions, health problems, life changes, loss of self-confidence because a previous venture was not accepted, disillusionment, fear in all forms and many other reasons. The compassionate awareness of what is stopping inspiration is a powerful first step. So I will focus on creative sparks following a crisis and life changes since Jill, the muse channeler in charge of this newsletter, has just experienced their dimming effects on the brilliance creativity can bring.

Two months ago she moved from the city to the country deepening a relationship with her significant other. Soon after she lost her father. At the same time she started a new training program. She was also determined to make progress on her second book. But her creativity was used in a wonderful plethora of avoidance techniques instead of on book progress. She was frustrated with her lack of concentration and dedication to her creative passion of writing. Taking stock of all the events that were happening and the required energy to process all of these life events, the Muses finally conveyed how unrealistic she was being. Heartfelt “duh.”

Self-kindness, giving yourself healing time and time to adjust to change, trusting that creativity will return faster when you do these things is the first suggestion I would give to you when in the midst of loss and crisis.

Make a creative gesture symbolizing the change, loss or transition even if it’s an unsent letter or a picture representing the colors, shapes and motions of what you are feeling.

From Aha-phrodite, The Muse of Paying Attention and Possibilities

The second suggestion is to use small spaces of time . . . when you are driving, showering, walking, waiting in line to bring to mind your creative intentions and be in a receiving place for inspiration without expecting anything in the moment. Holding the intention, practice with "receiving" the possibilities around the intention, will put you where you need to be when the subconscious mystery of creativity percolates the way and fires up a spark for your next illustrious creative journey.

From Spills, The Muse of Practice, Patience and Imperfection

Be patient with yourself. Practice patience. Trust the passage of time and your ability to be resilient. Honor the place in the process that you are right now.

From the Shadow Muse, The Muse of the Gifts of the Dark Side

During rough or transitional times, although creative concentration can be compromised, I cannot think of anything more healing than writing, painting, creating in any form even if it is painting when you are a writer or writing if you are a photographer. Expose yourself to the healing poetry or creative works of others. Go to an art retreat in Tuscany. A movie that takes you to an emotionally cleansing place OR makes you laugh can help too.

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." —Albert Camus

Signed The Muses

based on the book The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration for Artists, Poets, Lovers and Other Mortals Wanting to Live a Dazzling Existence by Jill Badonsky, M.Ed.


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