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The gentle, small-step method of Kaizen meets up with the powerful creative principles of the Modern Day Muses' intuitive/playful practicality in this 18-week
coaching training designed to teach students
how to be the experts in busting through the feelings of overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism, resistance and self-sabotage blocks to find the joy of creativity in any area of life.

 Trainings begin every February and August
including receiving Creativity-Coaching with a Master KMCC coach
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Founder Jill Badonsky, M.Ed., is a multimedia artist, inspirational humorist, nationally recognized workshop leader, occupational therapist and author of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) , The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder and The Muse is In: An Owner's Guide to Your Creativity Jill is located in San Diego, CA..

Kaizen-Muse Master Coaches will be providing students with the experience of being coached, inspired and individually guided throughout the training.

Dr. Robert Maurer, UCLA psychologist, corporate kaizen consultant, international motivational speaker and author of the book, One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way. Bob is located in Santa Monica, CA.  He provides a guest lecture and is available for e-mail and telephone questions and answers.


KMCC is a combination of 38 years of research and creative wellness group facilitation and creativity coaching since 1997 provided by Jill Badonsky with augmented tools by Robert Maurer, Ph.D, UCLA psychologist, author, and internationally renown workshop leader.

It is an unprecedented model of coaching that takes into account the resistances and sensitivities of the individual wanting to experience progress with creative endeavors or simply wanting to create a positive change in their lives. KMCC's distinctions include small steps that create big changes, compassion versus pressure, real-time experience to build momentum, and targeted strategies for overcoming fear, overwhelm perfectionism, and procrastination.

KMCC also includes approaches that nurture the kid-like spirit of creativity, permission to be non-linear, guided relaxations, clarity into the workings of creative success, and ten original tools that simplify the creativity coaching process.

We believe that creativity coaching works best in real time not just through the email. Dynamic experiences, intuition, imaginative guided exercises, a compassionate-accepting relationship make the value of showing-up for coaching go beyond typical accountability models with the pressure of additional work especially when the initial problem is feeling overwhelmed.

"The design of the Kaizen Muse coaching is unique; like nothing else I’ve ever seen in the coaching world. One of the most useful parts of the Training Manual is the section on 'Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching Ten Tools.' These tools operate in a different part of the brain from what’s accessed in coaching for 'results' or 'performance.' The tools are effective with clients at any stage of development, and they can be taken off the shelf the minute the coach recognizes a pattern of thinking or behaving. Specific applications of each tool are provided with detailed instructions. What can I say: It’s a gold mine!!!"
— Shirley Anderson, MS, MCC, IAC-CC, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation; Certified Coach, IAC, International Association of Coaches


Recipients of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching experience:

  • The unlocking and rejuvenation of the creative mind and the child-like spirit.
  • A greater ability to cultivate intuition, imagination, ingenuity through in-session experiences as well as the prescription of simple and clearly defined tools that unleash creative motivation and decrease resistance.  
  • Less frustration and more ease in achieving previously unattainable or seemingly elusive goals, addressing patterns of self-sabotage.
  • The gentle development of success oriented habits that make approaching creative endeavors more desirable and easy.
  • A new level of discovery in the ability to translate ideas to reality.
  • The discovery that creativity has no ceiling, embracing creativity as ever-new joy.
  • Moving past obstacles once felt as insurmountable.
  • Liberation from the resistance experienced in returning to creative or significant endeavors as well as less resistance to being coached.
  • A life-long adaptation of creativity as a higher purpose.

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“Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

  • “I have so many ideas but I don’t know where to start. I feel paralyzed. ”
  • “I never seem to make the time to get to my writing [or other creative passion].”
  • “I am overwhelmed by all I have to do and plus I’m not sure the time I spend doing something creative will amount to anything anyway.”
  • "I know what to do, I know I'm talented...but I'm not doing it."
  • “I never finish anything.”
  • "I have no idea how to translate this idea into something real."
  • "I'm cranky because I'm not following my creative call."

As founder and director of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching and the KMCC training since 2004, Jill is a creativity coaching pioneer. Jill specializes in tools that create breakthroughs for anyone wanting to experience the joy of the creative process.  She also specializes in tools that move clients past procrastination, resistance, overwhelm, perfectionism, and fear.


  • Email Jill with a description of your creative intention or about your plans to create a positive change in your life. Describe a little bit about what challenges you most often find yourself up against.
  • Jill will contact you for a twenty minute session to see if Kaizen-Muse Creative Coaching is a good fit for you.
  • Jill will send you a selection of coaching packages that enable you to choose based on your motivation and/or budget.
  • Receive coaching over the phone or in person.
  • You can be also be coached in a pair with an assigned client or someone you chose yourself for the a discounted price.

Ask to join a Creativity Coaching Groups based on The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)..




“You know Jill I never in a million years would have shared this with anyone before. I always thought people will think I am silly or crazy . . . you know . . . thanks for giving me this gift . . . you offer a real ease and comfort that truly brings out the dreams and an openness to share. You have done a lot for me in such a short time!! Just in the ability for me to be open and feel accepted. Thank you.”
—coaching client

“You're good!!! You're really, REALLY good. It's like a bolt of light just went through me. WOW.”
—Rena Tucker, entrepreneur, artist

“Having Jill as my coach is like having a personal Muse. She colors in my life with Disney quality while nurturing and cultivating what she inspires.”
—Debra Ty, author and Holistic Health Practitioner

"You have changed my life—and I will treasure what you have given me forever! You are an inspiration to all of us struggling artists.”
—Vicki Nevens, MFCC, Ph.D. psychoanalyst and artist

"You have been given a true gift—your playful perceptiveness is truly astounding. Thank you so much for following your heart because of your courage my life has been forever impacted."
—Nicole K., editor

References from previous clients available on request



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