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   "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
                Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

                                                  – Howard Thurman



Taos Retreats with Jill Badonsky every Feb and July

Writing, Art, Yoga and Photography

Creative minds from Georgia O'Keefe and D.H. Lawrence to
Ansel Adams and Dennis Hopper came to the Mabel Dodge Luhan

House to be inspired, so can you.

Rejuvenate your creativity with Jill Badonsky in Taos. Relax and

experience instinctual, intuitive, and imaginative approaches

to making creativity easier in the enchantment of New Mexico.

Jill specializes in moving you into action despite fear, resistance,

doubt, and habits of procrastination and perfectionism. If you're not

feeling creative, you will go away energized with new tools

and a renewed passion for your creativity.

Workshops include creative writing, right-brain art, improv games,

yoga, and smart-phone photography.
Participants go away

Invest in your sanity. It's your time.

Upcoming retreats:

February 14-18, 2018     The Muse in Winter
July 17-21, 2018        Camp Creative Thunder


email info at themuseisin.com



Weekly Teleconferences

On-line Community

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FAQfor the KMCC Training

Actively training creativity coaches since 2004

Thank you, again, for opening this door for me. Not just for the business, but as a whole way of being, and doing, and expanding into the world. Last year this time I felt like I was being gradually choked to death by a constricting, ever decreasing reality. I’d begun to fear that my life would just keep getting smaller and smaller, but now the world is expanding all over again. I’m encountering new ideas and meeting new people and it’s a wonderful thing.
~Kerry Schafer, Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Author


"Big thank you close to 10 years now Jill Badonsky "I had the privilege and joy to participate in Jill's Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching and also Jill's Muse Facilitator Training programs in California around 2007. My intention in studying the process of creativity with Jill was to support myself in becoming a working professional artist and stay inspired and alive in my creativity for the rest of my life. Her programs more than answered my questions and thirst for understanding how artists can thrive. Close to a decade later I remain inspired, producing, and alive in my creativity. Jill's work is due credit and is ahead of its time and goes beyond the physical to support creatives to overcome their blocks and succeed. The tools she shares work. I am a living testament. Thank you Jill for sharing your work, your humor, your inspiration. I highly recommend Jill to anyone wanting to really learn how to work effectively with artists, or with their own creative selves for that matter." Deb Chaney, Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach



Out of all the many classes I have taken, this KMCC program/training is my all time favorite, so magical!!!" ~ Tracy Wallace, Ceritifed Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach







Kaizen-Muse Creative Coaching
Certification Trainings

Now Celebrating
13 Years of Training

Dynamic Creativity Coaches!

What does the training look like? Click here

Become a Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach.

The small step method of Kaizen meets up with the
powerful creative principles of the Modern Day Muses'
intuitive/playful practicality in this 18-week
coaching training designed to teach students

how to be experts in busting through the overwhelm,

procrastination, resistance, perfectionism and self-sabotage blocks

to creativity in any area of life.

KMCC integrates a component of mindfulness with creativity.

Experience tools that train the mind to see the world

with imagination and cultivate ideas from unsuspecting
sources for ingenuity. Or simply understand how to make it

easier to experience the pleasure of creating.

We coach anyone who wants to live or work with more

creativity in any area of their life or who wants to reach their

goals with a more creative approach.

Based on the work of author/illustrator Jill Badonsky, M.Ed. who has

been in creative wellness since 1985, with Robert Maurer,
UCLA Psychologist, International Workshop Leader, and author
of One Small Step Can Change Your Life The Kaizen Way.

Upcoming trainings:


  • February 21 - June 20, 2018: Now taking applications

Trainings are on Wednesdays with two times to choose from:
11 am Pacific/ 2pm Eastern or 4pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern

  • New trainings begin every February and August


  • Choice of two times to attend classes:
      Classes are 11 am pacific/ 2pm eastern
    If enrollment is large enough, there will be another
    class at 4pm pacific/7pm eastern


Classes are an hour and a half, total amount of work weekly is

4- 5 hours maximum.

To apply, email info@themuseisin.com and share a little about your background,

your coaching vision, and why you feel KMCC is a good fit for you.

All classes are recorded and downloadable as MP3s if you need to miss

a class Trainings fill, sign-up early.


Cost: $2670

Payment plans available.

Includes experiencing the imaginative, compassionate, and intuitive

KMCC tools for your own creative breakthroughs, individual coaching

sessions with a Master level coach, business-building and marketing,
as well as a comprehensive step-by-step KMCC tools and techniques.
This is not a large class format - you will receive personalized attention.

Training takes place:

From the comfort of your home over weekly live webinars.

By receiving coaching and support 1:1 from a KMCC Master Coach
By listening in on coaching sessions
Through assigned reading, inspiring discussion groups
With creative activities and in a dynamic on-line community

Ask to speak to a graduate to understand the value of this program.

How much is your resistance and procrastination costing you.














Become a Modern Day MuseWorkshop Facilitator
based on the book
The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard):
10 Guides to Creative Inspiration by Jill Badonsky

Tuesdays, September 19 - December 12, 2017 

FULL: Contact me to get on the list for the next training
11 am Pacific time/2pm Eastern time

Ten powerful creative principles in the guise of nine Modern Day Muses

(and a Bodyguard) help you unleash your authentic creative voice, defy

blocks to unfettered creative living, and you to an unique version

of mindfulness.

You will personally experience the creative life changing
coursework while training to be a certified Modern Day Muse
Group creativity workshop leader. Includes a hard-copy manual

which gives step-by-step instructions andon how to run and market

creativity workshops and classes and inclusion in a network of

likeminded individuals.

Create another stream of income and joy.

Rewarding financially, spiritually, creatively, and kindred

spiritfully.  And just a lot of fun.

$745 includes comprehensive hard copy manual, license to use
Jill Badonsky’s work and titles, advertisement through www.themuseisin.com,
12 classes that move you forward with your own creativity and free you from

disabling resistance, perfectionism, and distracting habits. Join this

community of like-minded creative souls providing the comaraderie and

inspiration you need to stay true to your call.

More information here

$745 Paid in Full


Two payments of $380



Sign up here Monday mornings with Jill

8 am pacific

9 mountain
10 central
11 eastern






Parallel Universe Time: Complimentary
Holding the Space for You
to Get to Your Creativity

Join me every Monday morning, I hold a space
and time for you to get to your creative adventure.

Bring a project you've been putting off,

there will be 10 minutes of setting stage, 45 minutes,

minutes of working on our projects individually, and

a sacred time at the end for gratitude and closure.

It's grounding, magical, goes by in a flash.

Sign-up here

These calls are not recorded, this is a real time event.


Pay through Paypal

$10 a month, you can unsubscribe at your paypal site at any time.

More information here


"Forgive me for fawning, but writing for the writing club has turned out to be one of the nicest treats I give myself. Deadlines are apparently The Key for me so I wish there was a "Play writing Club" where every week a new chapter, scene, etc would have to be forthcoming.  With of course some muse inspired prompt!"   ~Cheri

Just have to say, I LOVE the writing group. Never could have guessed just how much I love it. Thank you for existing and creating, so we can, too :) ~P.R. Anderson

"Your fun prompts have the same effect as shaking a bottle of champagne...

I get all fizzed up and the words just burst out." Thank you! ~K

"Your prompts release the writing like sap from a  
maple tree in spring. So much sweetness." ~ Linda







The Muse is IN Writing Club


  • 2 original writing prompts that make writing irresistible        
  • Your work published in The Muse is IN Writing Newsletter
  • Writing club tips
  • The inspiration of a being in a group of writers
  • The motivation and structure to get to your writing
  • AND a collection of the pieces you WRITE.
    Less money monthly than one movie.
  • Your creative process is worth it.







Podcasts and Interviews


Outside Podcasts



Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun.
~George Scialabba



Thank you to those who have requested a donate button.

Your appreciation, inspiration and laughter fortifies me, but money helps keep the technology going and what's cool is that as you tithe to what inspires you - it all comes back to you.

To find out where Muse Classes are taking place or to schedule Jill for your group, please email info@themuseisin.com .  


"Jill, I have taken a lot of the Amherst Writers [classes] and did not find it as useful as your suggestions, exercises,
and the solid concept, for me, of each muse. As I said, I use every one of them for different ways to write and teach.
Thanks for your ingenuity and thanks for initiating this group so we can nourish each other as well."  

--Margie Pollock, Orlando Muse Facilitator



Chicago, Ill
Nicole (Nicky) Pitman


Carlsbad/North County San Diego

Joann Johnson 

Los Angeles

Denise Lumiere


San Diego/Poway
Lisa Bolender

Desert Hot Springs/Palm Springs
Nancy Espensen


San Diego/Rancho Bernardo
Michele Edwards


Sea Ranch and San Francisco, CA
Chris Boersma Smith



Colorado Springs, CO
Jori Agres

Laurie Hawley






Kim Flowers Evans



Vivian Liebenson


Karen Cowles

Sterling Heights/Metro Detroit

Lisa Selow



Susan McLean 


Boston/ Somerville/ Arlington
Jeanne Hillson


Ingrid Tegnér


Lexington, (Kansas City area)
Stephanie Christenson

Reno/Sparks area
Peggy Rew



Wendy Rosenberg


Morristown, NJ
Kathy Kane



Susan Miller, PhD, LPC

Chapel Hill/Durham/Raleigh and vicinity:
Jeanne Hillson


Vicki Kramer Nathan


Pocono Mountains
Diane Szwajkowsk



Nashville Area
Gina Lynette


Tina Games-Evans



Seattle Area
Osha Hunt



Freeport, Grand Bahama island
Paula Boyd Farrington



Kamloops BC 
Janet L. Whitehead



Deep River, Ontario

Sophie Dagenais


La Prairie, Quebec
Ginette (Gi) Larose


New Brunswick
Fredericton , NB
Donna Mulholland



Parry Sound, ON
Mary McDowall


Walkerton, Ontario 

Susan Seitz

fb/susan seitz studio



Katja Hunter




Liz Gow
w. lizgowlifecoach.co.nz

Iris Perrin




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