Review from Dr. Joseph S. Maresca

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Following her perennial-seller The Awe-Manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder, Jill Badonsky returns with a fun new book that will help her readers get their creativity working like a well-oiled machine. As a creativity-coaching pioneer, Jill knows that many people feel distracted, blocked, and overwhelmed.

The Muse Is In: An Owner’s Manual to Your Creativity outlines how to power up one’s genius,

take it for a test drive, troubleshoot problems along the way, and offers tips for proper care and maintenance.

With her dazzling illustrations and quirky humor, Jill Badonsky delivers the operating instructions for helping her fans spark their creative passion.

Book Review from Coreena McBurnie:

"The Muse Is In is an owner's manual for your creativity, and is full of baby steps and advice designed to help with common creative problems like procrastination, fear, perfectionism, and not enough time. There are also steps for finding your passion, focus, and courage. She covers so many topics that I can't list them all here. The second half of the book is the maintenance section and has a day by day guide of creativity prompts. And she presents all of this in a light hearted, funny way." click here for more.

Book Review from Kathy Reinhart

I've owned a reference book or two in my time, but never one like 'The Muse Is In'. In most reference books, the writing is linear, beginning with an idea and following it through to the end, the truly relevant parts strewn here and there. What makes this book different is that no matter which page you open the book to, there are ideas, suggestions or information that will kickstart a stalled imagination.

There was a time (long ago) when I thought I had to have every reference book ever written to become a serious author. As I honed my craft I realized that idea was a myth and that I was better off having one book to turn to during those times when I needed to shake up my stale thought pattern.

If you're like me and don't need books that tell you how to show, not tell, or how to write dialogue, but could use an idea generator, a thought provoker, make 'The Muse Is In' your writing bible.


The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder

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San Diego Book Award Winner in the Inspirational and Self-Help Category

"I love this energizing, inspiring, feisty companion of a book!

The Awe-Manac is brilliantly escorting me through my creative days (and nights)" ~SARK

"In this beautiful and lovingly crafted book, Jill Badonsky, Queen of the Modern Muses,

provides a cornucopia of creative inspiration and instigation. It's a perfect gift for all creative souls! "

More at Michael Gelb's notebook.

~ Michael J. Gelb. Author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and many other books

"I read in the description before I ordered the book that it would be in full color, but I'm not sure I was expecting what I received.

This book is absolutely gorgeous. Substantial hard cover book (no jacket) with full color on every single glossy page, along with

whimsical doodles & pictures. I bought the book for myself as a way to remember to keep a daily journal.

The prompts in the book are fun, and I enjoy reading the facts every day as well - from birthdays to inspiring quotes.

It also focuses on positivity & what you "get" to do on any given day vs. what you "have" to do.

I now plan to buy this book as a birthday gift for every friend I normally struggle to buy for.

Not only will it be personally beneficial to many, but it's almost like receiving a work of art at the same time.

You truly have to see this book in person to understand!" review "Jenn" Feb 6, 2011


Review from The Crafty Homemaker


"I never get tired of picking this book up and reading it... it inspires me and cracks me up..which is saying a LOT in these times."


 Order The Awe-manac here

The Awe-manac is a playfully practical guide that’s a refreshing twist on the revered Old Farmer’s Almanac.

There are two to five writing prompts for each day of the year. It provides daily forecasts, irreverent astrological advice,

metaphorical planting instructions, and other directives to help readers make life more creative, amusing, gratifying, and extraordinary —

every day of the year! With art on every page and words marinated in mirth and inspiration, you will be encouraged to think more brilliantly,

laugh more often, make art or write creatively, and simply add a lot more “awe” into daily life.

Here's Janet Whitehead's Testimonial.

Or then there's THIS book

The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration for Artists,

Poets, Lovers, and Other Mortals Wanting to Live a Dazzling Existence


Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching founder, Jill Badonsky takes the creative process and makes it more

accessible by personifying the principles that activate creativity and dissolve stubborn creative blocks.

Her nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) make tapping into your creativity playful and profoundly practical.

Blocks of fear, overwhelm, perfectionism, focus-difficulty, low-self confidence, self-sabotage and finding no time

for creativity are solved with the tools, thoughts, exercises, quotes, journal exercises and brainstorms that

each Modern Day Muse gifts to the reader. Read about the make-over the nine Greek Muses undergo in order

to inspire one the modern day mortal's most coveted passions - creativity.

With these Modern Day Muses as your guides, you’ll discover how to view your creative potential in a positive light,

with passion and self assurance. The Muse Journey includes:

  • An amusing anecdote to explain why each Muse was chosen
  • Empowering exercises to awaken creativity
  • Brainstorming according to the energy of each Muse principle
  • Walking that enhances creativity by pairing movement with creative thought
  • Quotes from mortals who’ve been inspired by the Muses
  • Journal writing to enhance the understanding and activitation of each creative principle


"A wonder-full, scrumptious and creatively fulfilling book!"
—SARK, artist/author of Succulent Wild Women and many other books

"Wonder-full. This sparkly, playful, enchanting guide is packed with tips on how to find and follow your creative passion. Today."
—Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge, author of Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life with Words

"This book is sheer delight! Jill Badonsky is a Modern Day Muse in her own right, playfully guiding us to our freest,

most creative, selves."
—Gayle Brandeis, author of FRUITFLESH: Seeds of Inspiration for Women Who Write

"According to the ancient Greeks, the Muses—goddesses of creativity—were conceived from the union of unlimited energy

(Zeus) and infinite memory (Mnemosyne). In her original and unique style, Jill Badonsky directs her dazzling energy to help

her readers remember their inborn creative gifts. Thus, in her new book, the Muses are reborn. "
—Michael J. Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and Discover Your Genius

"This is a delightful way to meet the muses. Joseph Campbell showed us the power of myth, now

Jill Badonsky reveals its playful side. This book has a joyful spirit—and, it offers real help in claiming one's creative flow."
—Jonathan Young, Ph.D., Psychologist and founding creator of the Joseph Campbell Archives





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